Buffalo Sabres

To increase awareness for their first nationally televised game of the year, we re-created and designed the iconic NHL94 video game for Instagram Stories on game day.

Services Provided

Animation, Creative Direction, Design, Illustration, Platform Hack, User Experience

The Game

To increase awareness for the Sabre’s first nationally televised game of the year, we were asked to create something truly unique that fans would love to interact with. We went back to our childhoods and recreated the most iconic NHL video game ever: NHL94. The game included features from Buffalo’s commentator, an interactive NHL94 designed specifically for Instagram Stories, and an overtime thrilling win against their opponent for the night.

The Game
The Design

The Design

We designed the game to match each and every pixel with what was to come from the real game later that night. The jerseys matched both the Sabre’s and Redwings’ colors, specific Sabres’ players were featured with their jersey numbers and correct shooting positions. The game replicated the classic video game style, and the real-life matchup - right down to every last pixel.

Game Preview

We brought the game program to Instagram Stories. At the end of the game, fans swiped up to a mobile microsite with a matchup preview. The site included stat leaders, where to watch, and other stories related to the matchup. Fans spent over 1 minute reading the matchup preview.

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