Zo, Microsoft's chatbot, was looking to engage with the community and give away Fitbits for the Chinese New Year. For the year of the dog, we ran a dog inspired influencer campaign to drive engagement with Zo for the contest.

Services Provided

Design, Influencer Strategy, User Experience

Year of the Dog

Zo always wants to chat with new friends! For The Chinese New Year, she was feeling extra generous and was giving away Fitbits to a few of her lucky friends. Using some powerful dog influencers on Instagram we leveraged Instagram Stories' posts from dog influencers paired with a swipe up driving traffic to a mobile-friendly landing page. The landing page was built to tell more about how to enter and drive cross-platform traffic to Twitter. With a script written to take you from Instagram to Twitter, and a pre-written message that would be added to a Zo chat, all users needed to do was just hit send in order to start their conversation with Zo. From there, Zo would converse with friends and give them a link to enter the Red Envelope contest where they were given the chance to win a Fitbit.

Year of the Dog