the World of Relaxeralt-j

Bringing the world of relaxer to life

Building a fan-driven, Snapchat AR experience to support alt-J's new Relaxer album and tour.

Enter the World of Relaxer

We worked with alt-J to create a fan experince by bring The World of Relaxer to life through AR.

The World of Relaxer is based on an original PlayStation game that influenced the band's massively successful first album. To bring The World of Relaxer to the fan's world - we created a fully immersive Snapchat Lens experience. The room teased new music to be released, lyrical messages, and some hidden messages (only to be seen through a secret lens), and other easter eggs for their fanbase to digest. Watch the video below to see the lens.

Building the Hype

We worked with alt-J to maximize the experience exposure by creating a distribution plan for them. The lens was teased across their social accounts, leading fans to unlock the lens. The lens was strategically released around a big announcement that fans could only find out through the lens!