The World of REDUXERalt-J

Bringing the World of REDUXER to Life

We worked with alt-J to create the ultimate AR experience for their fans surrounding the band’s REDUXER album release and tour.

The Challenge

After seeing such massive success in their first two albums, alt-J wanted to make a nod to the platform that inspired it all: PlayStation. We were challenged by the band to create a digital video game experience promoting their upcoming tour and new album, REDUXER, that their fans could interact with using their mobile phones. 

Our Insight

Aside from crafting a unique video game experience, we knew we needed to take the potential immersion tactic to the next level in order to capture the attention of alt-J fans worldwide. Through the utilization of social media and the promotional platforms alt-J could provide through their social channels, we knew our initial idea was possible.

Our Approach

We created and produced a unique immersive Snapchat Lens that brought the world of REDUXER to life through AR. Upon entering the “room” through the lens, fans had the opportunity to uncover new music releases, lyrical messages, hidden messages, and more.