Mayor of BoomtownBAUER Hockey

Owning Voting Season on Social

The great midterm election season of 2018 was the talk of the town on social, and BAUER Hockey wanted in on the action. Based around the launch of BAUER’s supreme line of hockey sticks, we executed a multifaceted social media campaign featuring three of hockey’s biggest stars.

The Challenge

Election talk tends to fill social media timelines for a solid duration of weeks to even months at a time—and as the saying goes, if you can’t fight them, join them. We were challenged by BAUER Hockey to play into the heat of election season to generate a similar buzz to political campaigns, but focused on the company’s new line of hockey sticks. 

Our Insight

 We knew creating campaign-like content needed to come across as authentic in order to best break into the noise of election season on social. Through designing a “political” race of our own, we were able to match the same buzz actual political candidates were generating on social in a fun way hockey fans could connect with and support.

Our Approach

With an emphasis on portraying a true political race, we made sure all aspects of an actual campaign run were covered with everything from specialized profile pages to testimonials on why users should vote for the candidate. Following users casting their final vote for their favorite player, voters went on to receive personalized emails regarding BAUER’s new line of hockey sticks based on which candidate they voted for.

Showing Support On Social

Immediately upon users casting their final vote, we crafted personalized stickers voters could share directly on Facebook and Twitter to voice their support of their favorite candidate, accompanied by the hashtag #MayorOfBoomtown.

Getting Educated On Candidates

We designed specialized campaign track pages for each candidate running for Mayor of Boomtown, complete with quotes from supporters and playful attack videos on their opponents. Each candidate’s stat lines were even updated in real-time on their campaign pages to keep voters up-to-date on their in-game performances that were made possible with the help of their BAUER Hockey gear.


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