Performance MarketingBearaby

Weaving In Performance Marketing

We’re helping the highly-rated weighted blanket company expand its brand across social and get cozy with its national audience.

The Challenge

Not only does Bearaby aspire to lead the weighted blanket sphere amongst consumers, the brand ultimately wants to ensure their audience is properly educated on what a weighted blanket is and how it can benefit sleep patterns for the best. We were challenged with helping the young weighted blanket company build its brand across social and expand to consumers nationwide as quickly as possible.

Our Insight

We found that the average consumer is not properly informed of the logistics and benefits behind using weighted blankets. Knowing we needed to quickly educate our targeted audience in an effective manner, we knew employing strategic Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad tactics would be key in the success of building Bearaby’s overall brand. 

Our Approach

Through crafting compelling content and copy across a variety of mediums to best tell the Bearaby story and what the company stands for, we have built a strong voice for both the brand and its products. We utilize A/B testing and performance marketing to strategically connect with the general public and educate them on the benefits of using weighted blankets—specifically, the benefits of using Bearaby weighted blankets.  

Swipe Up To Sleep Better

With acquisition costs rising on digital platforms, we were in need of a new placement to drive more affordable traffic with high quality intent. We leveraged Instagram Stories to drive traffic directly to the product display page in order to capture untapped digital inventory. The use of interactive polls greatly increased CTRs and engagement rates, and all users had to to do was swipe up to be sleeping better in no time.


Increase in Ad Spend