Interactive NHL94Buffalo Sabres

Honing In on Hockey Nostalgia

In order to increase awareness of the Buffalo Sabres' first nationally televised game of the season, we designed and recreated the iconic NHL94 video game exclusively on the team’s Instagram Stories for game day.

The Challenge

The inevitable second screen of the modern-day sports fan can either make or break any team in today’s technology-driven world, and we were challenged to overcome the hurdle with the Sabres. We needed to discover an innovative way to pull in Gen Z fans and loop them into tuning in for the team’s televised game against the Chicago Redwings.

Our Insight

With the younger generation of sports fans more likely to catch the highlights via social media apps rather than tuning in for the television broadcast, we needed a new way to reach the demographic—or so we originally thought. Instead, we decided to kick it old school to reach the targeted audience and think back to our childhood to revisit arguably one of the most iconic NHL games to ever be played: NHL94.

Our Approach

We created an NHL94-style game designed solely for Instagram Stories to showcase and promote the upcoming televised Sabres game in a truly interactive way. The IG Stories game featured pixilated versions of specific Sabres players’ jersey numbers in the correlating shooting positions, soundbites of the Sabres’ commentators, and even a thrilling overtime win against the Redwings. We replicated the classic video game style while staying true to the real-life matchup down to every last pixel.  


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