Man Of The Woods TourJustin Timberlake

A Man of the Woods—and of Instagram

We captured the excitement and emotion behind the launch of Justin Timberlake’s sixth concert tour, the Man Of The Woods Tour, for fans across the world to directly engage with and experience.

The Challenge

Justin Timberlake prides himself in creating unique experiences for his fans on tour, and we wanted to help him capture that excitement through his social. We were challenged with creating meaningful content to catch the eyes of both his core and outside audiences to build hype around the tour. 

Our Insight

With 56.3M Instagram and 65.1M Twitter followers, we knew reaching the masses of Justin’s following wouldn’t be difficult, but we wanted to go above and beyond what these audiences were used to. We knew fans were excited about the tour, but we needed to hone in what fans truly wanted to see come of it. 

Our Approach

We ramped up the pop icon’s Instagram interactions by using the taping functionality in order to crowdsource feedback on what kinds of content fans wanted to see posted. After collectively giving fans what they wanted in the form of Justin’s IG Stories, we reformatted the content for ad purposes across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This process allowed us to move ticket sales and generate a major buzz amongst both the hardcore and casual JT fans alike.