Red Pill BluesMaroon 5

The First Album Launched Exclusively Through Snapchat

In order to truly resonate with the social-savvy younger generation of Maroon 5 fans, we executed one of the most successful social media campaigns in the music space to date through the use of Snapchat.

The Challenge

With such a massive fan base spanning across a multitude of generations, Maroon 5 wanted to connect with their younger fans in a way that hadn’t been done before. We were challenged with finding innovative tactics to launch Maroon 5’s Snapchat-inspired album, Red Pill Blues, in a way their album-specific demographic could genuinely connect with and support.

Our Insight

With Snapchat remaining the go-to social platform amongst Gen-Z users to date, we knew we had to create authentic content on the social platform that would genuinely draw the younger fans in and generate a buzz. We were challenged to find a solution that was free of third-party tools and white borders when input into Snapchat in order to authenticate fresh, original content for the targeted demographic.

Our Approach

In order to maximize the surface area Snapchat uses on a typical phone screen during user usage, we engineered a video rig that allowed us to screen record and streamline audio to the Snapchat camera. During the week leading up to the album release, we released daily designed to engage fans through quizzes, mini-games, teaser content, song previews, and behind the scenes experiences from the band perspective. Adam Levine himself even sent a special message to fans on the day of the album release through the specialized content.

Taking It A Step Further

With AR lenses being native to the Snapchat platform, we crafted a custom Snapchat Lens that featured all of the Snapchat filters pictured on the album cover for fans to access after listening to the “What Lovers Do” single. The lenses saw national distribution for over a month and allowed fans to preview new singles and become the band through the 7 lenses on the album cover. This interactive concept had never been explored in the music scene before.


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