Red Pill Bluesmaroon 5

the first album Launch exclusively through snapchat

We executed one of the most successful social media campaigns to date with the help and use of Snapchat.

A Snapchat Release

To launch the Red Pill Blues album, we launched a two month long campaign on the Maroon 5 Snapchat channel. The campaign featured interactive content to release the album cover, release the tour, and preview the album leading up to launch.

Building The Experience

The content was packed with games, behind the scenes footage, quizzes, and even a full album preview on a pseudo car radio. To top it all off, we had Adam Levine send a message to fans after releasing the album cover.

The release also featured a custom Snap Lens that was unlocked when fans listened to the single “What Lovers Do”. The Lens featured all of the Snap filters that were on the album cover and were interactive when users touched their face with the Lens applied.

Becoming the Band

A lens was created that allowed fans to be each of the band members on the cover while previewing their new song.

Fans Couldn’t get enough


When you do cool stuff, it gets noticed. The campaign was lucky enough to have won awards for innovation and creativty on Snapchat.

Bronze Winnner, Snapchat

Maroon 5
Red Pill Blues Album Release

Bronze Winnner, Snapchat Partnership

Maroon 5
Red Pill Blues Album Release

Platinum Winner

Buffalo Sabres
Instagram Stories Campaign

Innovator Award

Maroon 5
Red Pill Blues Album Release