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Taking Nectar Mattress Into Uncharted Territories

We partnered with Nectar to open a new digital channel to increase sales and develop to continue funnel development.

The Challenge

As Nectar continues to scale and become a leader in the D2C mattress space, opening new channels becomes critical for a continuous year over year growth. With Snapchat becoming an emerging and viable platform to scale ad campaigns on, we were tasked with creating ads that would connect with the platform’s millennial user base and understand how this platform could be apart of the overall sales funnel.

Our Insight

With such a strong understanding of Snapchat, we knew a few things right off the bat. We wanted to combine quick messaging with slight motion and sounds to get our message across in 3-6 seconds to grab a users attention. We also knew that an instant load, mobile-first experience would be imperative to drive sales from a direct ad. With such an affordable CMP we also planned to use these ads as a first touch in a retargeting funnel to generate leads and interest in the brand.

Our Approach

We decided to focus on the comfort, one year trial, and forever warranty as our lead value propositions when creating messaging and imagery for the campaigns. From a creative standpoint, we test two ad types. The first was focused around animation and used brand imagery to tell our story. The second approach we shot GIFs to quickly catch the eye and give a more natural feel. Both ad types performed well and contributed to our overall success in the campaign.


Return On Ad Spend


Increase on Qualified Traffic