Social Content CreationPEZ Candy

Creating Nostalgic Content With A Modern Twist

We helped the classic candy company capture the playful essence of its candy in a way that all audiences could relate to in today's modern world.

The Challenge

PEZ has been known for its classic bite-size candy and quirky, playful candy dispensers for decades. We were challenged by the candy company to capture the joyful nostalgic feel of the candy in a way that would connect on a deep, personal level with their modern audiences across a variety of their digital platforms.

Our Insight

Since the candy is known for its fun and playful spirit, we knew we needed to hone in on happy and bright colors to make the content truly stand out. We additionally knew we needed to highlight physical concepts that all audiences could relate to in today’s technology-driven, nostalgia-craving world.

Our Approach

Combining uplifting, eye-catching pops of color with modern-day concepts such as pieces of modern technology and everyday tasks, we were able to capture a myriad of high-quality content to be used across all of PEZ Candy’s digital platforms.