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What We Are All About

If It’s Not Broken, Break It

We believe that all good innovations comes from breaking the normal flow of things. Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean we should, and most of the times means we want to go in the opposite direction.

Figure It Out, Fast

A lot of times we do things we have never done before. Actually, no one has. But that’s ok. We’re going to figure it out as a team and at the end of the day doing something that’s never been done before is a hell of a good time.

Grow As One, Grow Collectively

We believe that the only way for the team to grow, is for each person to grow personally. We believe in continually working and honing in on our skills and self. And when the whole team is growing, so will the company.

You’re Never Alone

Lilo Social is a collaborative environment. If you’ve never done something before, there’s a chance someone on the team can show you a way to get that done. Maybe you know a better way to do things, we’d love to implement it!

Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

We love being outside of our comfort zone. It is where growth happens, rapidly. We’ll take the time to learn new endeavors, skills, and projects, knowing that at the end of it - we’ll be a more complete team than when we started.

Results That Matter

We take pride in the work we create for all the brands we work with. At the end of the day, we know that the projects we work on are actively growing their business and how they approach the social world. That is pretty freakin’ awesome!

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