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What we’re all about

Our team is made up of all different backgrounds from all over the world. There’s plenty of things that bring us together, but these are the one’s we’re sharing with you here for everyone to see.

If it’s not broken, break it

Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean we should, and most of the times means we want to go in the opposite direction.

You’re never alone

Lilo Social is a collaborative environment. If you’ve never done something before,
there’s a chance someone on the team can show you a way to get that done.

Figure it out, fast

A lot of times we do things we have never done before. So we figure it out as a team and at the end of the day, it’s been a hell of a good time.

Get out the comfort zone

We’ll take the time to learn new endeavors, skills, and projects, knowing that at the end of it – we’ll be a more complete team than when we started.

Independently, as one

We believe that the only way for the team to grow, is for each person to grow personally. And when the whole team is growing, so will the company.

Results that matter

We take pride in the work we create for all the brands we work with, and to see them actively growing their business is pretty freakin’ awesome!

Perks of working for us

Office snacks & drinks

We keep a stocked pantry and fridge of snacks, drinks, and beer.

Medical benefits

Stay healthy with our comprehensive health, dental, and vision plans.

Open Work environment

We say not to cubicles and have a relaxed and open office environment.

Mental health stipend

We take wellness seriously. Everyone receives a Headspace subscriptions and fitness stipend.

New York, New York

Enjoy rooftop views from our office with beautiful views of both bridges and the Empire State

Technology supplied

Get supplied with the latest technology. Unless it’s a lazer beam gun, we’ve got you covered!