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Scaling brands through paid media and ad creation

What we do

A digital growth team made for scale

We are a team built to help scale eCommerce brands. We take a full-funnel approach to the customer journey to profitably scale brands through paid media, content creation, and email.

Paid Search and Social Management

Through proven strategies, we focus on scaling spend, profitably.

Direct Response Content

Our content is designed to convert at each stage of the funnel.

CRO and Retention Optimizations

Convert more customers and increase lifetime value in each cohort.

How we do it

We’ll scale your brand alongside you

Lilo has created amazing experiences for us and they always delivered on time. The ability to collaborate with Lilo makes working with them feel not like a vendor but a true partner.

Doug Bernstein
VP of Social

Outcomes, not Output

We don’t get caught up in billable hours. We’re focused on driving the results that matter to your business, no matter what it takes.


Partners, not Clients

Things work best when everyone has a common, aligned, vision. Look at us as your partner in this, not an external agency.


Cross Functional Teams

Our entire team works together, ensuring new ideas are effectively communicated, collaborated, and tested as we work on copy, creative & media strategy.

Lilo has created amazing experiences for us and they always delivered on time. The ability to collaborate with Lilo makes working with them feel not like a vendor but a true partner.

Doug Bernstein
VP of Social
How we do it

The Full-Funnelapproach.

We work across the entire life-cycle of the customer journey. From the first time they hear about your brand, to the first time they purchase, and every communication beyond that.


Creatives that Drive Demand

Designed to Sell

We aren’t a production studio, we’re social content creators, creating native looking content that fits into the channel it is launched on.

User Generated Content

Our content creation process is designed to get the most out of your content to maximize the amount of ads and variations we have to work with.

Photo & Stop Motion

We create personalized content for each audience and stage of the funnel to create a branded experience between you and the consumer.

3D Motion Graphics

Once we’ve found a creative that is working, we iterate through other variations to improve on greater returns.


Each creative is designed to generate demand for your brand and increase purchasers from first impression.

“Lilo Social has unparalled creativity”

We trust Lilo to provide creative that supports our brands’ 90 years of nostalgia. We would highly recommend them for their unparalleled creativity.

Jeff Goodyear
Manager, Digital Marketing

Paid Media for Scalable Growth

Scaling for Growth

We scale ad accounts vertically and horizontally for stable, predictable growth without relying too much on a single ad unit.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Not all attributed purchases are created equally. We look cross platform to see what ads are driving top of funnel conversions.

Optimize for lifetime value

We focus on increasing lifetime value and profit over time, by cohorting your new customers & measuring the actions that drive an increase in repeat purchases.

Efficiencies Bidding

We make sure that each dollar spent is a dollar put towards the maximal outcome possible, day in and day out.

Transparent Reporting

We’ll set up a reporting dashboard for live performance updates along side your weekly and monthly reports.

Driving Customer Lifetime Value

Post Purchase Funnels

We create automated post purchase funnels to educate and cross sell to drive repurchases.

Email Marketing

Building a newsletter to engage and speak to your community to stay top of mind and drive new and recreate business.

Loyal Subs & Members

We will develop programs to drive recurring monthly revenue.


In cart and after checkout can be optimized to up sell to drive up average order value.

Review Programs

Building proof to let everyone know your product is really the best thing in the world.

Let’s scale your brand, together

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